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Hi, I’m Dr. Crystal Whisler

I help motivated high-achieving individuals eliminate fatigue, inflammation, and brain fog so they can have unrivaled energy and mental focus

Here's the truth

When you have health issues, it affects not only you and what you can accomplish and create, it affects your relationships and family. Tragically it dims your light in the world.

I believe people should become empowered by discovering the root causes of their health issues and learn the true steps to create vibrant lasting health so they can live life fully.
You’re in the right place
Trust me, I understand where you are right now. I have certainly experienced my own shall we say colorful health journey.

My Story

Unlike many other practitioners out there, I deeply understand your struggle. In my twenties, I developed extreme fatigue and brain fog. I began having headaches every day, insomnia, severe vertigo, gut issues, and eczema. I developed multiple food allergies and even began losing my hair. Eventually, I was diagnosed with IBS, autoimmune hypothyroidism, and chronic fatigue. A few years later, diagnostic testing revealed Lyme disease and re-activated Epstein Barr virus as well.

     Saying it took a toll on my performance and daily life is an understatement. I deeply understand the physical and emotional drain of trying to cope with these chronic health issues and the frustration that can ensue. 

     I personally visited numerous western conventional doctors (who weren’t even interested in trying to find answers), many integrative physicians, acupuncturists, herbalists, healers, and more. Surprisingly, none of these specialists were able to help me with my debilitating fatigue and symptoms. I even went to some of the most well-known functional and natural medicine doctors in the country.

    What I learned is that even in the functional medicine and natural health world, practitioners were using the same or very similar cookie-cutter protocols, though it’s touted as being based on personalization. They often pushed my body in ways that weren’t right for me or in ways in which it wasn’t ready, creating more symptoms and dysfunction. 

They didn’t dive deep enough into my unique biochemical imbalances. What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for the next person. Nor did they have a proper understanding of the nuances of healing.  

    I began taking charge of my own health and putting the pieces of the puzzle together as I knew individualization was the key. I ran lab tests that actually revealed the root causes of my problems, not just the effects of the root causes. 

Yes, I had Chronic Fatigue, Epstein Barr, and other infections, but why had I lost my resiliency and immune function in the first place? Where did I need to concentrate to heal the body and mind? What had others been missing when I went to them for help? In what order did I need to repair my body? 

     I answered these questions and made it truly individualized! I used a framework to restore my body’s delicate biochemistry. It was targeted and took many different factors into account – Biochemistry, Environment, Mindset, and Nutrition. This was the key to reviving my health! This is also the framework I now use with my patients. No other system provides such an in-depth and comprehensive approach to support you in restoring your health. 

     If you’ve felt in the dark about your state of health and how to improve, I’m here to guide you back to energy, vitality, and a life full of possibility. Together we will develop a customized plan for you and quantify your progress on your road to healing. 

I’m very dedicated to my clients and work closely with each one to help them reclaim their health for life. If you’re excited about regaining or optimizing your health and want to get those answers you’ve been searching for, you can take the next steps here.

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About Dr. Crystal Whisler


Dr. Whisler is one of a few certified functional medicine practitioners in the country. She uses cutting-edge diagnostic testing to uncover the root cause of dysfunction. After completing a doctorate in chiropractic in 2000, she specialized in functional medicine and pursued extensive post-doctoral education in many clinical disciplines such as clinical nutrition, systems biology, mind-body medicine, and environmental medicine. She has helped thousands of patients over the last 20 years not just manage chronic health conditions, but resolve them through a uniquely targeted, insightful, and empathetic approach.
Certified Functional Medicine PractitionerAmerican Academy of Anti-Aging MedicineSchool of Applied Functional MedicineDr. Jill Cristal Mold CertifiedKharrazian InstituteFunctional Medicine University

Testimonials & Clients

Dr. Crystal Whisler is brilliant at finding the tough stuff and helped me zero in on what I was dealing with after months and months of searching. After extensive tests, she uncovered the issues and put me on a targeted and comprehensive protocol which was successful and the key to my health challenges! Thanks, Dr. Crystal!
When I first met with Dr. Whisler, I had been suffering from debilitating fatigue, headaches, joint pain and extreme brain fog for years. I had previously met with a number of other functional doctors, but my health continued to deteriorate. My worst fear was quickly becoming a reality… my boys were growing up without their father. I began to believe no one would be able to help me. When Dr. Whisler found the root cause of my symptoms, I regained hope! She patiently guided me through the ups and downs of recovery. Today, my headaches and joint pain are completely gone and I now have more mental and physical energy than I ever thought possible! Dr. Whisler gave me the ability to enjoy life and dream again!
Dr. Whisler is a phenomenal soul. She is caring, loving, and empathetic towards her patients. She has developed a remarkable program to help those suffering from chronic health issues. I highly endorse her for her work ethic, communication skills, and bedside manner.
Dr. Whisler’s method is effective because she does not merely diagnose, but rather she investigates what causes symptoms to manifest. Her approach to treating my Chronic Fatigue was multifaceted. She made recommendations based on extensive lab testing as well as listening to my experience. By addressing my gut dysbiosis, food allergies, heavy metal toxicity, issues with mycotoxins, and adrenal fatigue I was able to make huge strides. I think it’s rare to find a doctor who views patients as more than lab work and is willing to understand each individual’s complex health puzzle, but Dr. Whisler accomplishes just that.
I consulted with Dr. Whisler about my 3 year old son regarding his chronic constipation and stomach pain. We had visited several doctors and specialists around and had every test run. All we were told was they couldn’t find anything wrong and keep using Miralax. Meanwhile, my son was in misery every day. Dr. Whisler prescribed a dairy free and gluten free diet as well as several supplements. Now my son leads a normal life and so do we.
Before I came to Dr. Whisler, I had just completed radiation and surgery for breast cancer and thyroid cancer. I had let diabetes take over my life. I was overweight, depressed, had sleep apnea, and fibromyalgia to name a few. I felt stuck and frustrated because I had no energy. After a couple of months I started to feel like the old me only better. The weight is dropping off, and I’m now off all my meds for Diabetes and high blood pressure. Also, I am no longer dependent on sleeping pills and pain pills.
When I came to Dr. Crystal, she really listened to me. I was having terrible mood swings, anxiety,insomnia, the kind of pms where you want to kill someone, and fatigue. I was so exhausted. My relationship with my family and my career was suffering. Other doctors had told me I was fine and just wanted to put me back on birth control pills. Dr. Crystal ran hormone tests and nutritional tests on me. I started learning how to take care of myself better and more about how my body works. She put me on a plan with supplements and changed my diet. I have my life back. My energy has returned, I think more calmly and clear, and my pms is just a slight ripple instead of a tidal wave! I learned so much about myself during this process, it's been such a great experience.
When I first found functional medicine and Dr. Whisler, it was my last attempt before I was going to give up. I had been searching for help for years and she is the first one to actually listen and hear what I have to say. She is the first doctor to help me with my fatigue, thyroid and weight loss. I finally know what it feels live to thrive.
I suffered from fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and many comorbidities including insomnia, headaches, depression, anxiety, obesity, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia. I was at an all-time low and too fatigued and racked with pain to walk from my car to my office. Armed with various test results and under Dr. Whisler’s direction, I began to make better lifestyle choices and am now sleeping well, nearly pain and headache-free, walking to work, hiking, and even teaching outdoor classes. I no longer agonize over whether I will be incapacitated after a trip to the grocery or whether staying up to watch a movie will render me extremely exhausted. I have lost seventy-five pounds. My quality of life has improved immeasurably, and my zest for life has returned. After many years of merely surviving, I feel empowered and invigorated and eagerly anticipate a bright and fulfilling future!